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Who we are is a passion project started by @GPFSye to create a Trick database for Begleri. The purpose of moving tricks onto Youtube will allow for scripts to easily download and backup all trick videos in the cloud to keep our history alive, visible, and easily found for future slinging generations.

This website allows users to add and share their own tricks, combos, reviews, and tutorials. As well as help log previously made tricks and information. You can then vote, share, and comment on all the content.

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Simon / Synslings / GPFSye

I’m a Begleri enthusiast, started slinging back in November of 2016. I was introduced to the hobby by the popular Kuma films video, and only got serious with slinging after receiving a Ti Titan set on Christmas that year. 

I was a member of the Thumbchucks crew for awhile which got me making tons of  Begleri content and meeting other slingers around the world. 

I love this hobby, and I will do anything to help it prosper for years into the future.  

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