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Sling Therapy

The beauty and benefits of slinging therapeutically. It’s sling therapy.

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    Enlighten The Night

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        It´s been years now. I´m suffering from some genetical disorder. According to what I´ve seen, vast majority of people have all kinds of disorders. Well, I´m one of them ones who are in pain. ..

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    Movement. It was in me. The melody pumping through my headphones was ricocheting throughout my body, getting in my lungs ..

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    The ceiling was significantly less entertaining than usual. I lay awake in bed staring helplessly at the topography of the sprayed ..

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        The crowd was pressing in on me, or at least that’s how it felt. They were everywhere. I could feel them on the floor ..

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    My fits kick in randomly and without warning. It’s not spasms of particular muscles and random shouts, it’s like…periods ..

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