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Aroundsquare Hardcore Shell Design Contest 0

Date(s) - Monday, March 16, 2020 - Tuesday, March 31, 2020
12:00 am


  1. Create .stl file with bottom bore 12mm deep, and 12mm diameter, with a 4mm top bore
  2. Email with subject line HARDCORE CONTEST



March 31st 2020



$100 store credit.



I know you’ve dreamed up begleri shapes in your heads before. Come on, be honest. Kk, so here’s your chance. I’d like to make some more hardcore compatible 3D printable files available on the AO2 site, so please design around the idea of a shell that houses any of our hardcore beads. To do this, make the bottom bore 12mm deep, and 12mm diameter, with a 4mm top bore, and we should be good to go! For a little inspiration from our friends, check out top right 8-bit begleri by Andreas P., and bottom left AO2 Micro Lanterns by Sam @sam_gyd_tau_zero_begleri If you’re able to navigate any of the 3D design programs out there, just punch out an .stl file and send it in to me by email with subject line HARDCORE CONTEST. Deadline is March 31st. Winning entry will get $100 store credit, and assuming we love the design and you give us permission, we’ll plan to post the winning design up on our website for free download.

NOTE: If you’re the type of person that is gonna try to sue me in the future for “copying” your submission, please don’t enter. This is just an initiative to try to get people’s creativity firing, and to generate some cool content for the community. We love to give credit where credit is due, but let’s just say all submissions become property of Aroundsquare so that there’s no misunderstanding.



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