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Aroundsquare Drop 05/22/2020 0

Date(s) - Friday, May 22, 2020
5:00 pm


Name of Item(s):

  • Poco Locos
  • Ice Titans
  • SS/Delrin Mini Hydras
  • Luck sacks, KOS pens, mokume gane and zircuti kbones (mini and micro sizes)

Additional Item Details:

  • Poco Locos come in combinations of steel, brass, and copper (including the different kinds of nanos)
  • There will be a 3-pack of Poco Locos (pick a pack o’ pocos)
  • Ice Titans are still beta — Only use flanged hardcore guts because they can get stuck
  • Ice Titans still come with aluminum Newtons and nanos.
  • Luck Sacks are 1 per person.
  • KOS Pens come in various metals.

Drop Date:
Friday, 2:00pm PST
Get in at 1:00pm PST with code “GOODTHINK” at the site.

Price (USD, before shipping):

Link to Information (where applicable):

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