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Flavour of the Month: Butterfly Tricks 7

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Trending right now in Begleri: stylish Butterfly moves. They have been around since 2017, fathered by Ilya and Two.begleri. Recently, with the addition of the Pinch Butterfly Tech from @aarons_barrels trick Pinch Butterfly and creative inspiration from @zmtblv who linked the popular Flick Tech into a Butterfly Aerial, they birthed a new craze. Now a string of interesting tricks and combos have been developed.


The ones you must be aware of, first performed by @whirly_hands and @musclebones, are the Pinch Butterfly Ladder, the Full Pinch Butterfly, and the ever-so-stylish Pinch Butterfly Ladder Variation which begins from a Flick.


You can use all the links in this article to stay up to date with the coming variations and styles, like the Two Hand Pinch Butterfly, and read more information about these tricks.

Getting Started

I wish to help you get started on one of the hottest in the bunch, the Flick Pinch Butterfly Ladder.


First you need to be comfortable with two techniques. The Flick and the Unhooked ladder. Check the links to learn how to perform them. 

The Flick must be powerful enough to fully straighten out the string, because this combo relies on a comfortable spring feeling as you flow down your fingers. Too soft of a flick and you won’t get results.  

Learning the Unhooked Ladder will give you the feel of how the string will pass between your fingers and teach you how to find the center of your string. All butterfly techniques rely on finding the center of the string.  


From there, it’s all about feeling and momentum. When you feel the gravity pulling the begleri down, gently flick your fingers upwards while closing your finger in a Pinch manner. You can also think about the motion of an Unhooked Ladder. 


From there you just need to be fast. Quickly link them down throughout all the grips.


This is one of those tricks which just clicks once you get it a few times. It’s actually easier than it looks, but practice makes perfect. 

Some of you may find it easier to begin learning the proper feeling and finding the center from learning Pinch Butterfly first. While the ladder does not use your thumb, the same technique is used to perform them. Learning this is crucial to tackle the more stylish Full Pinch Butterfly



Enjoy slinging, can’t wait to see you all rocking this trick! 

Be sure to drop a like, rating, and comment on the trick pages you enjoy! 


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