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How to Add a Trick? 1

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Learn how to upload tricks to the website.


Welcome to the biggest Begleri database on the web. See something missing though? Then add it yourself!!

Upload a short clip of just the trick to Youtube (Only Youtube videos are accepted)!

The website also accepts:

  • Unique Combos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Variations of existing tricks

The trick does not have to be your own. The goal is to have every Begleri trick in one place, so please, if you see a trick missing, just add it!

If you have a better clip of a trick that is already uploaded, add it as a Variation and vote on the trick. Bad quality trick clips will be replaced!

Where to Add?

Numerous links titled: “Add a Trick” can be found:



Filling the form

Everything under the first visible section is required except the Trick Explanation. You can come back to that later.

Extra info

You can click Extra info for a drop down to fill more info like who discovered the trick

Fields Explained

Trick Name:

Name of the Trick.

Be sure to do a search for the trick before uploading, or check the Trick Index to make sure your entry is unique.

If it is a Tutorial or Variation, append the word Tutorial or Variation and a letter in sequence.

Example: Slingshot Variation C – because perhaps there were two other unique variations made beforehand.

Trick Video

Direct link a Youtube video. Do not include the playlist in the link.

Trick Explanation

Any information you deem important for how to perform the trick. You can add pictures and format it how you like.

Trick Difficulty

The level of difficulty to perform the tricks. This field may be updated by admins.


How this post will be categorized.
Trick is the default. For clips of the unique trick.
Tutorial for if the video supplied is a video explaining the trick.
Combo for if it isn’t technically a new trick, but a combo of tricks.
Concept for a new trick in design, but not quite there yet.

Trick type / Tags

The style or type of trick which relates it to other similar tricks.
Check the Tag index add smart tags

Starting Grips

Where in hands you can perform the trick
Fingers (1-4)|Thumb (T)|Palm (P)

Discovered by

Creator of first known recording / performance of the trick

Discovery Date

Known month and year of the first recording

Performance Planes

Possible planes the trick can be done in
Bike Plane (Standard): Like holding a cup – beads rotated vertical
Wall Plane: Like a handshake offer – beads swing left or right
Floor Plane: Palm facing floor or ceiling – beads rotated horizontal
Tilted: The plane that whirls and weaves briefly visit

Known Variations

Same trick but different setup or execution
Use the Trick index to find suitable tricks to fill here. Variations will not be shown on the Trick page if spelled incorrectly


Now you’ve added to Begleri history by solidifying your trick here, just wait for an admin to check over your post and add it to the website if it is deemed appropriate and unique.

You can subscribe to RSS feed if you wish to keep up to date with the most recent tricks. Subscribe to Begleri Tricks by Email


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