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Begleri Terminology

Common Terms Begleri Enthusiasts will use:

0g  The floor/ceiling slinging plane
275Used to describe a paracord size
325Used to describe a paracord size
425Used to describe a paracord size
550 A popular size Paracord string
Adjustments  Timing or tilting or other small nuances which allow you to perform tricks smoother
Aerial A category of tricks where the set of beads is tossed in the air and completely leaves the hand before catching it.
Aerial roll  When you catch an aerial directly into a roll
Alpha drop One of the hardest most iconic tricks in the game. Never has been captured on camera
Anchored bead  The bead being held between two fingers.
Anti-flowA type of trick or style of play which doesn’t use momentum
Anodize  One of the processes used to change the color of metal beads.
AO2  Aroundsquare: The most popular begleri brand
Around the world  One of the basic tricks
Around the world  One of the basic tricks
Beads  The objects at the two ends of a string which make a Begleri
Begleriporn  Good photos of Begleri
Begs / Beggles / Bagels  Nicknames for Begleri
BEH  Popular Facebook community ( Begleri Enthusiasts Hangout )
BERETR  An abbreviation for Begleri Repeater Trick: a combo that is endlessly repeatable
Bottom grip  Between your palm and pinky (P4)
Caged  When only partial part of the string can move (caged slips, caged rebounds)
Click / Clack  The sound the beads make when they collide
Combo  A collection of more than one trick done consecutively not simultaneously.
Copy cat Begleri game where one person performs a trick and the next player follows the combo and adds a trick to the end of the combo.  The next person follows the trick list and adds one more trick to that combo
Cord / Joiner / String  The Paracord which connects the two beads together. Other joiners like chains or other types of rope or string can also be used
Cores  Small weights which go inside a begleri shell –  commonly apart of the AO2 hardcore gut system
Dealers  People who sell Begleri
DIY Set  A set someone made themselves from scratch
Drilling   Refers to the learning method where you repeat a trick over and over again until you can do it somewhat effortlessly.
Drop  The event in which a manufacturer/maker is making a new design or previously sold out designs available for purchase. 
Drops  When you let the bead drop into another grip
Fakie  When you Have the bead that is closest to your fingers, on the outside
Finger Spread  The distance / gap between two fingers
Finisher  A trick which ends your combo in a stylish way
Flick  When you flick the bead
Flips  When you change from standard to fakie without changing grips, and without performing a roll
Floor StallWhen you drop your set
Flowing  Linking tricks together smoothly
Full TurnWhen the begleri fully rotates in an aerial
GoldilocksUsed to describe a certain bore size for joiners. Coined by AroundSquare, the Goldilocks bore is 3.5mm and is meant to accommodate Both 275 and 550 cord comfortably.
Grip position  Where the bead or string is in your fingers
Grip transfer  When you change grips the bead is in
GrippyUsed to describe the string “gripping” onto the skin as the Begleri is swung.
Grips  Where you hold the beads / cord in your hand / between your fingers
Half Cab / Pass  When you grip change from standard to fakie, or fakie to standard
Half TurnWhen an aerial does only a 180
Hex nuts  A hexagon shaped nut, it can be used to make an easy cheap DIY set
High grip  Between the Index and middle finger (12)
Hook  The loop left out in slack tricks
Hydras  Another popular type of set from AO2
Interceptions  When you interrupt the momentum of a swing
Inverse  When you sling in the tilted plane
Jerk / Air pump  Changing the center of gravity so the swinging beads stops in its path
Komboloi  The historic Greek version of Begleri
Ladder  When you do the same trick consecutively through multiple grips
Length  How long your cord is
Long game When your string is setup with a longer string, allowing for more controlled play
Low grip  Between the ring and pinky finger (34)
Mechanics  The collective submovements in a trick
Mic drop A trick where you wrap the beads and use tension to have the set pop out
Mid grip  Between the Middle and ring finger (23)
Momentum  the motion and direction and speed of your swinging bead
Monkey fist  A type of knot which can be done on both ends of a paracord to make a Begleri set
Moves  Another term for tricks
New trick  Recently discovered trick
Notation  A system used to easier explain how tricks are done, or where you’re holding the beads (T1234P’)
Open palm  When you sling with your palm without entering any grips
Paracord  The most popular type of joiner
Piano  Another popular trick which is a gap transfer which uses your thumb
Pinch  When you grip a bead with only one finger
Planes  The hand positioning while slinging
Pop  An aerial where you perform a roll but let the begleri fly up into the aerial
Rebound  When you change the beads swinging direction by hitting it off a part of your hand
Re-stringWhen you decide to change the current string of your begleri, with a fresh one
Reverse  When you do a trick backwards
Roll  Allowing both beads to swing freely until the free bead becomes the captive bead.
Rolling stop  When you perform a roll but stop it slightly so you can keep the roll looping in the same grip while keeping the momentum
Set  Another term for your Begleri
Setup  The bead and color combination you use
SGO  Single Grip Open – A competition where slingers must stay in a Single Grip performing a combo
Short game When your begleri is setup with a shorter string, allowing for faster play
Size  How big your beads are
Skill pills  a popular type of magnetic begleri set
Skill toy  A toy which takes skill and practice to use efficiently like Begleri
Skips  When you skip over the next closest finger or grip
Slack tricks  Whenever you hold two beads at once
Slap  When you slap the bead with your offhand
Slinger  A person who uses Begleri
Slingfresh  A famous competition by popular Begleri brand Aroundsquare where slingers had to create new tricks to win
Slinging  The act of playing with Begleri
Slip  When you allow the bead to do a full rotation before performing another trick
Slip n’ Slide  When you slide the bead and string from standard to fakie or vice versa
SlipperyUsed to describe strings not “gripping” onto the skin as the begleri is swung
Sloppy Used to describe the way a slinger moves the beads around without too much effort resulting in a “sloppy play”
Spring  Holding the captive bead while wrapping the free bead around one other finger inward, then letting go of the captive bead to “spring” it into motion
Stall  Catching the set on a body part (head, knee, foot, thigh, etc)
Standard  When you have the bead that is closest to your fingers, on the inside
Strength  How lose or tight you release the cord
Super Ladder  When you do the same trick consecutively through all your fingers
Super Long game  When your string is setup with a very long string, allowing for super long game tricks
SwankyWhen you perform a sloppy trick, but it looks clean
Swing  sweeping movement
T1234P’  The abbreviations for the Notation system: Thumb (T), Index finger (1), Middle finger (2), Ring finger (3), Pinky finger (4), Palm (P), Fakie (‘)
Tea TimeA method of preshrinking paracord so that it does not shrink later due to wear and moisture. It consists of boiling the paracord for a short amount of time and allowing it to dry, shrinking in the process.
Tension  The amount of pressure that is being applied to the string
TGP  One of the OG dealers: TGPBegleri –  TGP is his initials
Ti  Titanium – a metal used in some sets
Tilt  The angle your hand is at
Timing  When to catch or let go
Titans  A popular type of begleri set
Top grip  Between the thumb and index (T1)
TossType of aerial
Transfer  When you move the set from one hand to another
Trick  A collection of mechanics
Tricks  The cool stuff we learn to do with these beggles
Unhook  when both beads are not in a grip and the set is in an ‘n’ shape
Variations  Repeating the same trick but changing a mechanic or adjustment
Weave  When you swing a bead while moving your hand through different planes
Weight  How heavy your set is, usually dependant on the type of bead and measured in grams
Whirl  Chaining together three halfcabs into a single motion USING a weave.
Wrap  When you coil the cord around your finger(s)
Zoot  Combination of a weave and a halfcab.

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