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Alec Story

I started in begleri years ago and progressed slowly. But I fell in love with the toy and the community and I’m here to stay. Begleri became like therapy for me and it was so helpful that I wanted more people to know about it. I wasn’t a Maker or a skilled slinger so I needed a different way to spread the word so I started Begleri Art on IG. It took off and did well for a time but it wasn’t generating an influx of new players and it wasn’t spreading attention on the internet outside of IG so I started doing giveaways in person. In 2018 I personally gave way just over 1200 sets of begleri to help spread the word in my area, and yet again it only slightly helped propagate begleri. So now I’m here, on this team with these incredible folks, and I’m so stoked to be a part of something that will not only benefit the community that’s been established, but help grow the community with new content and new people.

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