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Aroundsquare Newsletter 4.21.20 0

Aroundsquare released a newsletter, here are the details:

  • 04/24/2020 drop. 7:00pm Pacific (6:00pm with password MINDCONTROLDEVICES“)
  • Drop includes Honeybone knobs and Skinnybone knobs (sold separately as begleri), Luck Sacks*, Deadeyes
  • *: Luck Sacks are only available for ONE DAY. Luck Sacks will be available from drop time Friday (04/24) until Saturday (04/25) evening.
  • Use Promo codeMINDCONTROLDEVICES” for an undisclosed discount (valid through Sunday, 04/26). Note: this can only be used with non-express checkout.
  • 3D printable hardcore-compatible bead designs from the recent AO2 design contest will be available to “purchase” for free under the OS (Open Source) skilltoys initiative.

and more, read here:


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