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BegleriTricks Community Quarantine Edit: Open for Submissions 5

We’ve been seeing a lot of conversations in the begleri discord about edits. One of the biggest highlights for us here at was how many people enjoyed the way that other skill toy communities put together collaborative edits. It not only fosters creativity and encourages players of all ages to try their hand at filming, but also brings the community together to create something awesome.

The BegleriTricks team is proud to announce that submissions are now open for our Community Quarantine Edit.

Submission Details:

  • Submissions should be a maximum of 30 seconds long
  • Film inside somewhere, preferably with your arm against a solid color wall
  • Film with the palm of your sling hand facing towards the camera
  • 1080p submissions are preferred, but not required, since we understand that not everyone has the necessary camera equipment or smartphone for that.
  • Landscape submissions only please!
  • Slingers of all skill levels welcome! Don’t feel like you have to have some unique combo or groundbreaking style. Even if you can only do a roll or two, submit a video!
  • Submissions should be sent to @SkeletorJS on the Begleri Discord Server or emailed to
  • Submission deadline is July 15, 2020.

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