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Obsession 4

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My fits kick in randomly and without warning. It’s not spasms of particular muscles and random shouts, it’s like…periods of time, minutes, maybe hours, where I literally cannot control my behavior.

I’m aware of what’s happening.

I’m aware I’m bothering others and embarrassing people.

I’m aware I’m an adult and should be beyond this.

Despite my awareness, the fits still come, and there’s never a good time to have one.

I had to find something to combat them, and so I searched. I have picked up and thrown aside so many different hobbies it’s a joke amongst my family and friends. Nothing really seemed to help. I remember being on medication when I was a child and that just sucked. I never want to go back to narcotics as a solution. There has to be a way to handle this. To tame the dragon.

And so I dug, and dug, and dug. I tried finding something that would give me an outlet physically that wasn’t bothersome to others but also something mentally stimulating so my mind remained occupied enough to be distracted during my fits. If I could get distracted, the fits dissipated.

So now I knew the secret, but not how to consistently initiate it.

I tried Rubik’s Cubes (not enough fun) and fidget spinners (not enough variation), balisongs (not enough safety) and journaling (not enough action), and so many other options. While I was searching I came across a link to something I’d never seen before: begleri.

I was up for anything and so I checked it out and…obsession.

I had something fun.

I could play with it anywhere.

I could use it with music.

I could get it in cool colors.

I could express my own artistic concepts.

I could learn tricks.

I could create new tricks.

I could build new ideas on top of old concepts.

I had a community that cared about what I had to offer. I was getting genuine support from rookies and elite slingers alike. I was being included in bigger things than myself.

I had something that helped my fits. I could pull against the leads for aggressive tension. I could spin the cord slow for relaxation. I could calm my nerves with the tug against my fingers, like a weighted blanket for my thoughts.

Begleri changed my life. With a mental handicap and almost complete social ineptitude, I was the guy in the back, not by choice, but because my actions and conversations isolated me. Now, this “tool” was working for me. It was taming the dragon. Something was working!

My relationship with begleri became like my relationship with God. I wish I had discovered it years earlier; I wish I could convince everyone of its benefits; I wish I could put it in each and every person’s hand. I wish, I wish, I wish, but alas I can’t force people. I can’t make them take it. I can only tell them my story and hope they’ll try it for themselves.

So tell someone your story, and let’s tell the world about begleri, our obsession, together.

4/4 - (2 votes)

I started in begleri years ago and progressed slowly. But I fell in love with the toy and the community and I'm here to stay. Begleri became like therapy for me and it was so helpful that I wanted more people to know about it. I wasn't a Maker or a skilled slinger so I needed a different way to spread the word so I started Begleri Art on IG. It took off and did well for a time but it wasn't generating an influx of new players and it wasn't spreading attention on the internet outside of IG so I started doing giveaways in person. In 2018 I personally gave way just over 1200 sets of begleri to help spread the word in my area, and yet again it only slightly helped propagate begleri. So now I'm here, on this team with these incredible folks, and I'm so stoked to be a part of something that will not only benefit the community that's been established, but help grow the community with new content and new people.

Comments to Obsession

  • Have you ever tried yoyoing? I currently have 16 years and I started up yoyoing 7 years ago; however begleri won my heart. I do use balisong, cardistry, rubiks, cool embroidery, and some handcraft for keeping my mind in something (I also have some mental stuff going on, I´m currently almost leaving behind all of that thanks to good therapy, medication, self-knowledge, good and bad experiences, understanding hoaxes I had on my mind, using a begleri and a yoyo for distraction and relaxing). It is pretty easy to start on yoyoing, however the only concern I had with it was that the yoyos in general were pretty big in comparison to a pocket friendly thing like a begleri, so… when I gave myself some time for thinking my actual level at yoyoing and all the money I have spent on all of them, I decided to buy a micro yoyo (It is a brass Kun) so that I could alternate between my 2 favorite hobbies. Whenever I want
    Wherever I want
    With the music I want
    With the dexterity I want to apply on it
    and an extremely long list of the things that I love of having a begleri set and a yoyo always with me.

    As you said and I always will with people near me: Lets tell the world about begleri.

    Cloudy Skies Kiss April 6, 2020 3:22 am
    • Glad to hear someone else is getting the the same help from begleri that I am. I’ve tried yoyoing but the reset is what gets me. If I mess up it takes a bit to get things back together. Begleri is tops for me bro. All the way.

      Alec Story April 6, 2020 10:31 am
      • Learn the snap-wind for yoyo. It changed my life and let me get into yoyo a lot deeper than I could previously, due to the exact reason you said. 🙂

        Jorgomli April 7, 2020 10:15 am

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