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Grave Slips Tutorial A 0

Grave Slips Tutorial A
Fields explained:
Trick Name: Name of the Trick
Trick Explanation: How to perform the trick
Trick Difficulty: Subjective difficulty to perform the trick
Trick Details

So what happens is the string slips right in-between your fingers passing the bead you are holding in the current grip. You curl your hand shut and this allows the slinging bead to choose a grip to jump to. If you do it just right the bead flips in the palm of your closed hand. Hence ‘Grave’.

Fields explained:
Starting Grips: Where in hands you can perform the trick
  • Fingers (1-4)|Thumb (T)|Palm (P)
Discovered by: Creator of first known recording of trick
Discovery Date: Known month year of first recording
Performance Planes: Possible planes trick can be done in
  • Bike Plane (Standard): Like holding a cup - beads rotated vertical
  • Wall Plane: Like a handshake offer - beads swing left or right
  • Floor Plane: Palm facing floor or ceiling - beads rotated horizontal
  • Tilted: The plane that whirls and weaves briefly visit
Some Variations: Same trick but different setup or execution
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