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Nollie Tre Flip 3

Nollie Tre Flip
Fields explained:
Trick Name: Name of the Trick
Trick Explanation: How to perform the trick
Trick Difficulty: Subjective difficulty to perform the trick
Trick Details

This is a short combo of some well known tricks but arranged in a clean and coherent way. Broken down; it’s a two finger roll (middle and ring fingers) then it’s a gap transfer where the free bead is caught fakie in mid grip, and whirled into a position to perform an infinity beadroll. But, since that is a long description for a combo, I’ve been referring to it as a Nollie Tre Flip combo, keeping with the subtle roots of incorporating skateboarding lingo into our skill set. Side note; I have found that conical sets like the Aroundsquare Everymans and the Monkeyfinger Kokonutz are easiest to perform this combo, rounded and flat top sets requires a bigger gap for the free bead to be caught in fakie and conical shapes require less of one and has the added benefit of looking cleaner. In order to perform this trick you will already need to know the two finger roll, how to whirl, and how to do an outside beadroll. Master those and this will be a nice little edition to your personal routines.

Fields explained:
Starting Grips: Where in hands you can perform the trick
  • Fingers (1-4)|Thumb (T)|Palm (P)
Discovered by: Creator of first known recording of trick
Discovery Date: Known month year of first recording
Performance Planes: Possible planes trick can be done in
  • Bike Plane (Standard): Like holding a cup - beads rotated vertical
  • Wall Plane: Like a handshake offer - beads swing left or right
  • Floor Plane: Palm facing floor or ceiling - beads rotated horizontal
  • Tilted: The plane that whirls and weaves briefly visit
Some Variations: Same trick but different setup or execution
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