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Unhooked Ladder 1

Unhooked Ladder
Fields explained:
Trick Name: Name of the Trick
Trick Explanation: How to perform the trick
Trick Difficulty: Subjective difficulty to perform the trick
Trick Details

To start this trick you should get your finger on the string half way between the beads, then do a sideways swing and pinch softly between the fingers that the cord is passing.

This can be done both ways, up and down. Down is the more common variation. For the up swing you have to not only swing sideways but also slightly up at gravity is working against you.

Fields explained:
Starting Grips: Where in hands you can perform the trick
  • Fingers (1-4)|Thumb (T)|Palm (P)
Discovered by: Creator of first known recording of trick
Discovery Date: Known month year of first recording
Performance Planes: Possible planes trick can be done in
  • Bike Plane (Standard): Like holding a cup - beads rotated vertical
  • Wall Plane: Like a handshake offer - beads swing left or right
  • Floor Plane: Palm facing floor or ceiling - beads rotated horizontal
  • Tilted: The plane that whirls and weaves briefly visit
Some Variations: Same trick but different setup or execution
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